Sunday, February 12, 2012

After The Flood

To whom it may concern (specifically owners of a front-load washing machine). They are a ticking time bomb.
Came home from doing some grocery shopping Saturday early afternoon and found our place flooded around the laundry closest, around a wall to the kitchen, pooling behind-infront of the fridge and again over a cabinet and behind the oven pooling again. A LOT OF WATER. Tom called the apartment ppl immediately. They came.
They said it had to be from the washing machine. I said this was from one load? I think not! IF there is a problem with the water there HAS to be another issues too. They went upstairs and checked the neighbors place, no issues. They came back went to our bathroom and opened the wall, no signs of water leakage or broken pipe. They opened another wall in the bathroom- same results. Then the wall behind the fridge (we'd THINK that's where they would have started!) There was water behind the wall but it was fresh and smelled of laundry soap.....??? I started a load of laundry (standing on layers upon layers of towels) seemed fine, then wait...what the??? Water pouring out from the detergent tray! Some water was getting into the washer itself but not much. MEANING: The water had ran and ran and ran trying to get into the washer but couldn't! SEVERAL bath tubs worth.
During all this Tom was running over to a baptism at the church, coming home again, dismantling the washer machine and then threw on his Apple shirt, downed some dinner and left for work. Ben was crazy- (side note: he's our bi-polar baby lately. Each day brings:YOU NEVER KNOW! Some days, calm, cool, collected. others, Judgement Day. But mostly, each day brings a combination of each. Yesterday was Dooms-Day-NEEDY-NESS as I'm in freak out mode and trying to clean up poisonis fridge free-on and watching the washer, making Tom dinner, talking to the maintenance guy, etc. Anyway, SOMETHING IS OBVIOUSLY clogging the rubber drain that connects from the detergent collection down the drain (designed just like a sink, toilet drain, weird question mark thing and into the wash tub. I get to the drain thing (Tom's at work and I've taken apart the washer as much as I can to get to the tube- I squeeze the rubber drain- immediately unclogs and is good to go BUT my guts says its NOT fixed....I start the load again, water is getting in, go weird spilling, okay maybe I DID fix it.
NOPE. When the rinse came on flooding again. CRAP. Something is in there. Something I can't feel in the tub- I had squeeze every inch of it. At this point I'm freakin for sure. The drain thing connects to the wash and where it empties into the washer isn't round but a slit. You can't get a finger, a pen in there maybe only a letter opener but that's sharp and I don't want to poke a hole in the rubber.
Tom calls from work to check on me around 8ish. I'm a disaster. There is a VERY loud floor fan going, a dehumidifier going, Ben is still waking up every 2 hrs and I wanted nothing more than to get the errands done the day before so we had Saturday morning and early afternoon together before he worked, but with my car in the shop till Friday afternoon and only getting to half my errands they had to be done Saturday morning which meant  another weekend NOT getting enough family time, feeling stretched emotionally, needing a nap like you wouldn't believe and instead getting a major 9 hr adrenaline rush. Tom was able to get off work early came home and lovingly said- I will take care of everything, no more fretting.
Today, that is tonight Tom took the machine apart and you will be so shocked as to WHAT had clogged the machine! You know when you buy a bottle of bleach and it has that paper-y/plastic seal that isn't really a seal, not the kind you brake through, just an extra lid thingy? IT WAS THAT. I remember I was on the phone, last week? I had poured from the new bottle into the wash, Ben was freaking out and I was so distracted so I remember seeing it fall into the bleach section and not making everything wait to just take it out (cause I'd get bleach on my hands) but now...because I didn't want to get bleach-y fingers it would be a SHOCK if the apartment doesn't charge us for opening 3 walls and for the 5 hours the guy was here working. And all because of bleach.
Reality? Its just walls, its just stuff. Another bill really that we'll pay and move on. No one was hurt or worse, nothing was destroyed, and really it only brought us closer as a couple and family as I haven't heard one harsh word or gotten one questionable look of annoyance, frustration, being ignored, scolded, chewed-out, NOTHING. In fact, it was HIM comforting ME the whole time. All my husband wanted was some sweet, female recognition to her HERO man that he fixed the problem and boy, I mean MAN, you bet I'm oooing and ahhhing over him! (again see: Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus)

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Update from last blog:
1.) Effective February 28th I will be done with my Gresham store (unless something happens and they need to to cover here or there).
2.) I feel good about it. Relieved actually.
3.) I had a second round of injections on Thursday afternoon. Tom went with me which is always best. On the way home he said, "Well he (Dr. M) didn't creep me out that time." LOL I am feeling better. I can feel this round was much more effective. Not "back" to normal but the closest I've been to it in months! =) It's all a warming reminder how happy and grateful I am to be alive in this day and age of narcotics. God Bless America.
4.) Car- we'll be taking it in this next week. Again, I'm not worried about it anymore- it is what it is. PLUS due to our budgeting we have funds! yeah!
5.) Can't really do to much other than be SUPER verbal and appreciative towards my parents.
6.) Still waiting back from the Air Force Reserve recruiter guy- been waiting for several months actually but no decision(s) will be made on a whim, we just aren't those kind of people. I will say, I am MORE open to the idea of Tom doing it than ever before. I don't want to even THINK about the idea of Tom being gone for 4 months straight, not including annual 1-3 month long training things. Not sure how Charlotte did/does it. But if women can be husbandless for years at a I don't think I'm gonna finish that sentence, I'm not gonna pretend I could handle it. I can't handle Tom taking 10 extra minutes to pick up some books/movies from the library on his way home from work if that gives you any kind of insight. LOL I sound so co-dependent. I promise I'm really not. Between his two jobs and my job, and Mr. Concernicus still teedering with colic I count down the minutes he comes through the door and I get relief (emotionally, physically, etc).
7.) Ok I'm jealous, I TOTALLY am. (I'm rolling my eyes at myself) because having envy for anything is stupid. Such a waste of energy, and it's negative and pathetic. I believe me own words. So I admit I'm being so selfish when I'm about to (folded arms and pouting) complain how "this and that person" have everything and I don't! LOL Gosh, when I put it like that I'm NO different than the whinny Occupy-lameos. Dang it...I don't think I can even really go into WHAT I think I'm jealous about anymore. Because the reality is whatever I want I will eventually have and I have no right to say "When I/we have it we will be MORE grateful and appreciative too!" Cause I have no way of ever knowing that and even if I was right and I did turn out to be MORE grateful or "worthy" or something, how on earth would that benefit my life??? It totally wouldn't. So being envious is a waste of time. (tho) I still do it DANG It) For crying out loud I know all of you envy me in some way...come on, you SO want my extra love handle (not the main one, thee EXTRA one....) OR my size 10 feet. SEXY-HOT, don't be hate'n.
And really. I love Tom's and my dates; they are pretty fantastic! They start with strappling an unwilling, screaming baby into his hated car seat where he continues crying until he falls asleep moments before we are ready to take him out where the crying is only heightened due to the combination of carseat hatred and unrested baby! The date gets steamy as we take a romantic walk through the massive, tall and tamed isles of Costco where we usually purchase a single item (usually peanut butter...I eat 99.9% of it's 8lb gerth in less time than it takes a liberal to get mad about something). Then we exchange suggestive glances over the flirty topic price per diaper at at one store compared to another as we indulge in decedent, luxurious combination pizza cooked hours before and left to the warming stage for who knows how long for him and for the lady, 2 sausage dogs without buns, with krut, mustard, onion and ketup ...PERRRFFFECCTTT for the kissing to come. I would say we spend the evening cuddled but garlic burps aren't as attractive as they sound.
All things considered, I LOVE our $4.99 (not including the extra chunky peanut butter purchase $8.99 on sale, otherwise $10.99 and then it's too rich for my blood) dates! So while I may not have that persons  this or that I have my extremely hardworking, and loving and willing husband who has yet to come through the door at the end of the day without a smile for me. And I have a healthy, super happy baby who loves his mommy and daddy. Who could ask for anything more? (well maybe a refill of of diet Pepsi before I leave Costco...I'm gonna get my 1.50's worth, thank you very much! ;)
This was taken at Multnomah Falls the weekend Ben was blessed- Beginning of November

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Two Steps Forward, One Step back

And Sometimes it feels like One step forward, Two steps back. I apologize for my Debbie-Downerness at present. Because at present I feel like I have a serving size dish in front of me, replacing a dinner plate, and it's piled really high. Loaded with one heavy obstacle on top of another. I will say this, BECAUSE I feel it very strongly, even now I feel an overwhelming sense of calm and EVERYTHING will not only work out but work out for the better...That makes all the difference. However, I'm still a female and as such I'm gonna complain to lift the burdens just a tad.
#1.) February is a BIG, LONG work month. Funny, it's the shortest month. It's a Graphic Change Out (GCO) event for all my Adidas locations including Eugene. I have to be at my stores at 8am to make meet the snap-framers whom show up 50% of the time. Do you know how freakin annoying that is to drive to my parents the night before, get up at 6am and be in Eugene by 8am JUST so the guy doesn't show up? There are worse things, I know. On top of the GCO's I also do a full rotation. Some stores are harder than others.
#2.) I am 85% sure I'm going to be giving up my Gresham store at the end of February. I need to fully make up my mind so I can let my boss get someone else lined up. I know they have hired others and its won't be a problem and actually my boss let me know right before I went back to work that IF I needed to scale back any of my stores just say so, that they understand. So what's holding me back? Giving up one store is also giving up 1/3 of my monthly take home. It means giving up a little over 3400 a year. But on the other hand Ben will NOT take a bottle. He's had moments is all since he was born but won't do it and thus when I'm working 40 min one way he starves on those days. It stressed me like no other- not to mention the patience and endurance my mom practices when she is trying to soothe his screaming self for those 8 hrs. And back to the first hand, I had so much anxiety and guilt over my student loans which I work so hard to pay off. No one brings them up but me. I treat them they're a debt we have 3 months left on and thus I have all this energy and anxiousness over them day to day when they are gonna be around for a few years (unless a miracle of miracle happens but I'm not counting on it). I've never been afraid of hard work so I am NOT unwilling to work BUT I have a baby who depends on me and whom I promised before he was ever conceived I wouldn't work while being entrusted on Earth with him.
#3.) I threw out my back AGAIN. I did it on Jan 2nd and I did it again last night. It wasn't from any one single event it really just never got HELD from the first time. This HAS happened before years ago. I was living with Emily and for the life of me I can't remember if it was my back or my neck that I had to have 2 injection appointment just a few days apart cause one wasn't enough and the pain was that bad. So I'm there again. I wouldn't really mention it but I feel my back is part of a bigger whole that I'm worried about. For the past few months I have been so lethargic and can't seem to get on top of it. I'm not feeling depression with it- simply exhausted. I had my thyroid checked and my levels were more than "normally off" so my Dr. wants me to see a Endocrinologist and since Dr. M has talked at lenght about my thyroid in conjunction with my PCOS, Diabetes and my back breaking down again- I'm gonna go see him tomorrow to discuss my lab results AND get more injections cause if I don't I will not be able to do my 8am Adidas stuff come Monday. I'll let you know what I find out. PS- I'm waiting to hear back if Tom can get off work to go with me for reasons we ALL know why! ughhh
#3.) My car is needing repairs again. It's not enough reason to jump ship but its enough for me to want to scream. I'm glad its not soooo big. But it's enough that its coming out of the budget that I SO badly wanted to use against my lowest student loan to which is SOOO close to being DEAD forever. Not Voltimort dead in part 1 but Voltimort dead in part 7.2. DEAD FOREVERRRRR.
#4.) The mold is back in the room. Just THAT quick. I swear to gosh we haven't brought in some much as a sis of liquid into the room. I have left the windows open all day- today will be #3 of that and just letting things air out. I turned over my night stand on Monday and you all would have puked! It was covered sooo badly with mold I was amazed we all aren't hospitalized from it. Okay I'm being dramatic...what's new. BUT It WAS BAD!!! Before I leave the place today I'm gonna put down a box worth of baking soda on the carpet. Seems the wall we share with our neighbor is bowing in and there's wetness....?
#5.) I have guilt. I have such overwhelming guilt. I so want to give back to my parents what has been given and what they are still giving today; ie paying on one of my Parent Plus loans. I wish soooo badly to be able to surprise them with everything I owe back and more and lift their burdens. I fear to the point of nervousness that they will both pass years before we will be in a place to give back. I understand the pay it forward but I desire so greatly to do both.
#6.) I think, analyze like crazy how to get Tom through school faster. It all leads me back to why I'm working and why its scary for me to give up a huge chunk of income (well HUGE to us that is).
Okay I'm feeling are the latest photos of my family whom I'd give up ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for!

PS- I love how Mr. Concernicus is either in Friar-prayer mode or Black Panther's revolt mode while sleeping! heeh