Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2016: A Year in Photos II

2016 started with me calling home the day after Christmas SUPER homesick and asking to come home (just like when I was a kid during a sleep-over ;) So Ben and me (minus Tom-Tom :( went and had fun in beautiful, clean, refreshing, cleansing, awesome Oregon!

"Cos I'm a seagull," -Flight of the Conchords

Gettin' some chowder from Moe's

Snuggling with his favorite person

Visiting and teasing uncle Rex whom he learned his teasing skills

Trip to Waves & Wings with the cousins. Super expensive, super fun, and the kids were exhausted in the best way; thank you mom & dad!

Ben got uncle Brian's old costume grandma made 30 years ago. Fit perfect.

Making some kind of cookies or coal with aunt Lacey

Playing & mending

I waited too long to try to take off my ring. We tried EVERY youtube "trick" but they only work when you still have a little wiggle room...I did not. Lesson learned.

Celebrating our Valentine (each other AND food)

In Texas, you plant your garden in February. Also in Texas NOTHING grows except herbs and shrubs- two years in a row every cared-for-better-than-my-kids-vegetable and fruit did not produce anything edible so I vowed I'm only planting what grows: Mint, Basil, Trees. Lesson learned.

After almost 7 years since graduating I finally picked up my art supplies and painted. This was me trying watercolor for the first time. I titled it: Home.

My sister in law Cassi threw me a perfect baby shower! What makes a bay shower perfect? NO games. No trivia. No prizes. Just food and conversation! LOVED IT! 

Gettin' some fillin's like it ain't no thang

Ben's version of Elf on the Shelf

The many

positions Ben

finds relaxing. 

Ben and Dad went camping with the Myerhoff's. Mom stayed home close to plumbing and mattress.

Tom's version of relaxing.

Easter Candy Crash

So pregnant and enjoying the warm downpour with my Benny-Boop

I titled this one: Uninhibited naked boy waving goodbye to dad

Chicken-Cheese Enchiladas 

Nothing like Costco 

Last outing as a family of three! 

Grandma's here to take care of us!

He's here! 

Super Excited and Proud Big Brother

Double Proud Daddy

Telling grandma ALL about it

NY pizza made by awesome NY native 


Family Outing to the Dallas Temple

Fort Worth Stock Yards

We decided to find Oswald's tombstone. People leave money...interesting.

Month old Linc

Traffic is easier when you're a week off for Memorial Day

More rain enjoyment

Pool time


Unsure but still adorable


Oh Dad..

Fourth of July

Lincoln's blessing

Helping mom do chores

July 18th: Car got broken in to and my purse with EVERYTHING stolen. Don't EVER leave your purse in your car even if you think you've hidden it.

To add injury to insult, while waiting 2 hours for the police to NOT EVER arrive Ben was plowed down by a teen on a bike who just got right back on his bike and kept going without apologizing. Needless to say we have not been back to that park. Lesson Learned BIG time!

Brother tummy time

Brother play time

Brother swing time

Tuckered out


"It's too hot, too hot, too hot baby."

Dad dropping us off at DFW going to PDX

Helping with yard work is a must in the White House

Visit from Bek and her kidlets!

Family trip to the beach!

Lacey took us to a Sushi Hana wannabe. I promised Ben we'd get him McDonald's afterwards but...


Grandpa love

Horsey Bites

Horsey Ride

Last summer supper. Goodbye family, friends, temperate weather, fresh air, CLEAN air, best tasting water, cheese EVERYTHING!

Right before boarding the flight home. "Ben! Hold your brother I HAVE to go the bathroom!"


Let's go be with Daddy again!


Back with Daddy!

Boys' favorite past time.

Football game with dad


First wasp bite. First Benadryl.

First birthday party with friends! (Batman themed if it wasn't obvious)


Hangin' with cousin Colton

I'm not the only one who puts their foot in their mouth all the time. eek

Trying to capture Tom without him noticing. He did.



We were given admission tickets for the Texas State Fair. After paying for parking, ONE ride and a pop sickle it still cost $50. I don't know how anyone affords to go(?) We lasted about two hours and left hungry and sweaty.

Ben's favorite part? Enjoying the FREE water fountain! Go-Fig

One of those moments where your kids are being adorable and I quickly grab my phone and plead, "DON'T MOVE!"

It's so much fun when Grandma comes!!!

3rd times the charm for trying to ride the miniature train during grandma's visits. Super fun!

Date Night! A very surprising, quick Flight of the Conchord's concert xo

Linc wearing the same costume I wore made by Grandma Carla


Tom celebrated his 5th year with Apple

Tom went to Oklahoma for a week for work and brought back gifts of plenty!

Lovin' that costco pizza crust

Thanksgiving morning football for Tom, walking for mom

Happy Thanksgiving

Sitting down for the BEST meal of the whole year talking about being pretty heavily disliked/hated by not so subtle media, family and friends because of the election results.
Turkey tasted EXTRA juicy because we were NOT with "HER" (Ya I went there).

Going to town on momma's rolls

The rain is a little chilly now but baby doesn't seem to mind =)


I don't do crafts. However, I got super stressed out and spent an entire day stress-crafting. I even ran out of green craft paper so I used a marker and MADE green paper. Unfortunately it was super windy the next two days and everything was completely destroyed within 48 hours.

My kids in awe of the Christmas Spirit

Lacey came

for my


Cassi took us out for Whataburger after we went to a giant book warehouse! It was so much fun!!! Here is Ben so happy he gets to sit between two babies as he continuously tells me he wants, "159 more babies!" Ummm okay...

Workin' on the car with Dad

Outdoor Christmas Live Nativity and Festival!

Hot coco, kettle popcorn, bounce houses, etc.

pony rides

Hey ride

Ben insisting on holding baby Colton =) We get it, you want more babies...

Oh look we already have a baby!

byebye aunt Lacey

Christmas Eve with Grandma Clark

Boy airplanes


End of 2012

End of 2013

End of 2014

End of 2015

End of 2016

Needless to say 2016 was rough financially, SUPER ROUGH. It was our first full year without me working and Tom striving toward higher management while still attending college one course at a time. We have VERY high hopes for 2017 financially. As always, Just KEEP Swimming (and praying)!