Friday, May 2, 2014

Working Girl

In short, I'm tired. I'm very tired.

About two weeks after we arrived I got an email asking me if I was ready to work again along with giving me a long list of stores for the taking and it couldn't have come soon enough. Even at my busiest in Portland I didn't have a quarter of the amount of work I have now. I started April 1st and driven well over 2500 miles.

Working and being a mom is hard. It's really hard. I've always thought the phrase, "balancing family and work" was an oxymoron and it is because something always gets more attention than the other, so there is no "balance" at all, only a teeter-toter that never has equal weight on each side. It's a tough place to be.

Tom signed up for his first two classes, $1200 not including books or materials, I know that's nothing compared to law books but it's still a chunk. A very big chunk.

My work sent out tablets to everyone as we are making a huge switch in how we will be reporting our store visits. I know that for soooo many getting a tablet would be awesome and wonderful and cool; for me...(rolling my eyes) it's ONE more thing to learn and have to take care of!

When I got it in the mail I opened it to make sure it wasn't broken and than immediately put it back in the box and put it away and waited until Tom got home to ask him to do the set-up as directed by my company. I had a two hour conference call going over how to use it and it was grueling! For persons who DON'T understand what its like to not only NOT care about tech stuff but actually find it a waste of time let me see if I can help you feel my pain. It's like when a new kids toy has come on the market and every kid is screaming for it while you're looking at the toy thinking that thing isn't even interesting, I dislike the color and can't stand the recorded voice inside, plus once it gets dirty I can't wash it because it will ruin the voice chip buttttt I'm suppose to let the dirty, small child love it until its filthy in two seconds??? Hmm maybe that doesn't quite paint the picture of how I feel. Let me try it again. Basically, it feels like the only vocation that is forced on everyone. YES technology is awesome and no I don't want to live without it! But I hate learning how I've been using my fingers wrong to scroll through a "browser" or whatever. I know I sound like an old bitty. I am an old bitty! Where's my typewriter? ;) Naw, I need my hulu so I can watch my episodes of Parks and Recreation, Call the Midwife, check my bank account, email and read and re-read blogs. I love technology I just hate feeling like once I got the hang of something that thing is already "sooooo five years ago". I still think "the cloud" is a moisture pocket in the sky!

I'll say this and then will shut up. The tablet is a lamo Galaxy thingy I mean....Apple is designed so incredibly user friendly, I can not stress it enough. It makes learning new stuff easier for people like me but for the rest of the world who likes figuring out everything totally backwards, and the harder way, and the completely inefficiently way, AND in the long run the more EXPENSIVE way- there's PC's (insert barfing sounds). So ya, if I had gotten an iPad MAYBE I would have spent more time looking at it but really only an extra moment or two BECAUSE I still have 20 year old re-run watching to do that is still MORE interesting than technology. (Not really, tv watching hasn't really happened since we moved here and I love it).

Okay rant is over. Like I said I'm so tired and worn out. I apologize for whining, I really do! I think more than anything I'm frustrated with my body to a degree I can not ever fully articulate but only comes from someone experiencing for themselves. In short I know I need nay HAVE to just set up an appointment to see a new chiropractor and heck I hear radio commercials everyday for several in the area so I know I'm in a good place. I'm not sure why I have been putting it off especially when the pain has never been so severe- probably because each day feels like it goes by so fast and when I have a day off it doesn't even cross my mind but maybe that's where I need to use the technology stuff and set more and more reminders??!

In other news. Ben is speaking better and better and more and more! He is a hyper, very excited to be doing something kid (just like his mom and dad and his grandpa White). He's doing pretty good with me being gone so much but it is hard when I come home he usually starts tearing up and runs to me which is so bitter-sweet. I miss him more than ever when I'm gone and like last night where I got home at 11pm and had been gone since early morning I was very tempted to just go snag him from his bed and just hold him.

Benny really loves his cousins. I would say he has a love/hate relationship but there's no hate its more like love/tease (gets the teasing from uncle Rexy). But he definitely loves them more than teasing =)

I wish I would have taken before and after photos of all the yard work I've given myself to do. I really do enjoy being able to make a yard look nice! Just today I mowed the front yard and because there's more dirt than grass I was covered, I mean COVERED in dirt within a minute or two. I should have had Cassi take a picture, it's incredible and so not like mowing in Oregon where the worse you experience is mud. Nope. Here its dust and more dust and a single lawn fills up six bags (mostly dirt) and every bit of your clothing is filthy but man it's so satisfying to have a nice lawn! =) Tomorrow I'm going to work on digging out a tree stump I cut down about a month ago. I cut down 2-3 more the other day and need to work on digging them out as well. So exhausting. I swear 10 minutes of that kind of work has to equal 3 hours in the gym. Don't believe me? Go try picking up a pick-ax and shovel and see how long it takes before you feel like you're dieting. haha