Friday, June 14, 2013

All of the Above

Oh gosh what a busy, tiresome last few weeks! Ahh. I don't even know where to begin so I'll go in the order its coming to me.

Lacey: Lacey is getting married next friday. That's a BIG "ahhhhhh". I, along with my excellent sister-in-law Aleece, threw her a bridal shower. There were a few things I wish I would have done better but overall SHE loved it and that's what I was going for! My biggest regret was NOT taking photos- what a dumdum! She looked so cute though! I got her a veil to wear and she never took it off, even way after the party was over she was princessing around in it, it was pretty cute =) 

My Hair: Well let this be a lesson for everyone but mostly me. Do NOT get impatient and decide to "just go get a cut" with Ben in toe!!!! I thought hmm maybe he'll be okay but at 6pm, dinner time, and getting close to his bedtime he was acting like a (almost) 2 yr old should be and while paying MORE attention to him knocking over fancy products on shelves the interpretation of "a cut, whatever feels unhealthy cut...2 inches? Ya that's fine, just do whatever you think would look good!" So it really IS my fault when I ended up getting my hair cut a length I haven't been since 2003. I don't have any pictures of it down. It's still shoulder length and layers higher in the back but I miss my hair! 

Ben: Ben got sick last Thursday and it went from not feeling good to a bad stomach virus. He didn't keep much down and it was very noticeable weight loss by the end. He was so cranky and unwell all during Lacey's bridal shower and he just waled all the way home and then screamed, SCREAMED for 2.5 hours, completely inconsolable. Didn't want to be held wouldn't let me put him down, didn't want anything. I almost took him to the ER but called the dr instead. I think I've mentioned this before, I have a fear when he's like this that he's having a kidney stone, they are very rare in children/infants but nonetheless I worry! I had taken him into the dr the day before who confirmed he had a bad spring virus but I think he was having growing pains on top of stomach pains. Poor little Ben. The worse part, HANDS DOWN, is he won't take medicine even under extreme force- like next to water-boarding force! Held down, mouth, cheeks pinched open, medicine poured in and whiling blowing on in his face so he takes a deep breath...but nope- he spits it out of will scream to the point of vomiting and then we have to do it all over again. I've laced his food with medicine...its helped but he knows his food is funky so he doesn't get a good dosage. Anyway, that all lasted till Tuesday just in time for my back to go out!

Back: I tried to keep still and reclined/horizontal as much as possible but that's kinda not realistic. There's meals to be made and cleaned up and diapers changed and stuff stuff stuff! There's never a clear-cut answer of what to do. Sometimes walking thru the pain until its better (visualize Forest Gump running with his braces until he could run straight) but sometimes walking makes it a LOT worse. What I do know is it usually happens when I'm very stressed out, and yes this was the case this time as well. It's like my body says, Okay that's IT, I'm taking over now because obviously YOU aren't listening! 
My progression was too slow, typical, so I gave in and got injections this afternoon. Tom met me at the dr.'s office and held Ben who was so tired and unhappy he wasn't home sleeping and was getting louder until he heard and saw me reacting to the painful treatment and then he went silent. I was a mess but it was worth it. I'm reclined now and Ben should be waking up soon and maybe we'll try going to the store? Other than the appt I haven't left the apartment since Monday. I know Ben's cabin-fevered too. 

Tom: Tom finished spring term on Thursday (yesterday) and did fantastically! It meant he came home at a decent hour and got to play with Ben! A couple months ago I saw a train table and drawers on craigslist for $20 and I totally thought it was a scam but it wasn't and I had Tom pick it up. These tables run for $$$ and this one is in excellent condition. Ben LOVES it. He will play with it for a couple hours a day. Pretty sure Tom loves it too. He enjoys engineering different railway systems and I enjoy them getting to spend time together! =) Also, the Elder's Quorum President was released 3 weeks or so ago so Tom's been acting E.Q.P. he feels bad because its not like he can really do too much for anyone during the week but he's been doing what he can and I'm proud of him. 

Ben: We took off the front of his crib and sleep has gone back to being interrupted. On average he wakes up once a night sometimes more, crying and it takes a little bit to get him calmed down again. Nightmares? Or just knowing the security of the walled crib is gone its scary? Whatever the reason I have him lay on my chest and I pat his back and rubs his legs- just incase its growing pains until I hear his breathing slowed and then I put him back to bed where he goes right back to sleep on his own. Its funny, I've tried to stay around and watch him go to sleep but he pushes my face away like- Mom, don't coddle me! So I leave and he conks out. Also, Ben's hasn't slept in our bed since he was a newborn. I'd wake up and nurse at the end of the bed or sometimes bring him to nurse while I laid there but he wouldn't sleep well and neither would I- I think we're all light sleepers and like our space! Except Tom, he's a cuddler, most of the time I love it and then I'm like- get on YOUR side or at least closer to the middle, I'm on the edge and hot and want space! :S Thank goodness men don't get all butt-hurt-feelings like women do! Lastly, I gave Ben a hair cut, a BIG hair cut! Again, 2 more people asked how old SHE was and I was like THAT'S IT! So I got out the clippers and did the deed and probably a little pay back for MY hair getting cut too short. The pictures on the bottom are not very good but its short and I have to say I think he's even more of a "pretty boy" than he was before! lol 
Dad and Ben playing with trains

Ben sat down to rest for a moment and just watched his dad =)

Ben playing with the iPod showing me up how he knows how to use it better then me

Ben a bit cranky

Ben sick day 3. Holding his sippy though didn't actually drink from it most days