Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Walker, Carpet Ranger

We've got a walker. Well he's been walking for a few weeks now actually but this is me finally blogging about it. Ben's still very much Ben- laughs and smiles at EVERYONE! It's pretty awesome to have this little Mr. Concernicus who always have this "in deep, analytical thinking face" but quickly and generously gives adorable dimpled smiles to any one anywhere. I feel really proud to have such a friendly, loving baby (like I had anything to do with it).

Ben's eating is still very typical him too. He's finally open to most pureed foods but isn't taking to solids very well. I try to not stress about it and just take it as this is what he's slow at. He does still love cheddar cheese, some cinnamon rolls (only when they are fresh out of the oven NOT any older) and only likes to drink water- hates milk, OJ, apple juice, etc. just fine with me, I really don't like the idea of sugar drinks anyway.

Breastfeeding ended officially ended 4 days ago too and its awesome. I mean I do like that sweet bonding time but he's really and so were my boobs ;) He has FINALLY been sleeping through the night, as in 12 hours! Its happened a handful of times now and a few in a row, then a few rough times in a row and then back to awesome nights all slowly pointing (fingers crossed) to the norm being 12 hrs nights indefinitely.

We're moving the middle of next month and like anyone knows its been a PAIN! We checked out over 12 different places and funny enough we think we might be going back to our old place! NOT the same apartment but same location. However, we are waiting to hear back if that will even work out b/c.....get this....."we make too much money" WAHHH haha. Not even close people. In a nutshell its one of those situations where we are too rich for section 8, 42 housing but everything else is super out of the question. Long story short, we found a foreclosed property a few weeks ago going for NOTHING people but after we considered property taxes, normal expenses, etc. it cost well over a third of our take home which is OUT of the question but we weren't too bummed, it reminded us in a positive way we are still on the path we feel good about! :D

The fall is right around the corner...isn't that INSANE??? Tom will be in school again meaning we'll basically see him on on Sundays only well...he's now in Elder Quorum so maybe not even Sundays but like everything else I'm happy for our situation, I wish we were through this stage already BUT I'm grateful for it. Just a couple days ago I had thee worst wave crash in the history of J.D.Clark and while it sucked so bad it was a beautiful reminder to me how loved and taken care of I am by the world's most patient and ever-so-quick to make his woman happy- man!