Sunday, November 4, 2012


A few weeks ago I was talking with someone who just had their umpteen baby and I asked how the labor went and she said:
"Really good actually, he/she was natural like the first so only this one and (blank) wasn't natural!"
And I answered back, "What? I didn't know you had a c-section with (blank)?"
"Oh No, I meant I didn't need or use drugs."
"Ohhh gotcha."
At the time I didn't think anything about it but later when I recalled it I CHOSE to let me get in my "pain wound".
I'm sorry, did you or did you NOT have a baby get pushed out your yoo-hoo, or va-jay-jay, your whatever you wanna call it, place? If YOU did you had he/she NATURAL! Period.
Whether or not you used the miracle of drugs does not take away the fact that the baby came out by natural means: the natural, traditional, purposeful exit. YES, this subject DOES get me heated up quite a bit!
On a few difficult levels. Do I think women who have had babies without drugs are incredible? absolutely but unless pain level can be 100% transferable and relatable to another, pain is subjective. Thus, what is a 3 to someone could be a 7 to another.
For example, I have an aunt who had 5 kids, all every short labors and births, like less than 2 hours all together and for her she said they hurt but not exhausted was fine and ready to go home soon after. Than there are women who will labored steady for days and only upon extreme violent measures finally dialated to a ten and after recalled thinking they were completely convinced they WERE dying, there was no surviving the child birth.
I think women who had babies without drugs simply because they weren't available are amazing. I think women who chose not to use drugs to "have an authentic experience," are truly diluted if not secretly hiding their agenda of boasting later. It's insulting and a good way to lose respect.
I guess my point is this: IF you have a high pain tolerance, which again there is no way to objectively prove it but for conversations sack, if you have that super hero power that's awesome, truly, but please no one's going to give you a metal and its mean to throw it in peoples faces, and DO NOT USE THE THE TERM "NATURAL" to describe your super powers! Can I get a Amen?
Okay I'm going down off my soap box...  (I feel better :)