Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cut Above the Rest

I'm sure I'm whining to the choir on this one when I say this winter has been the worse ever for sickness. I mean, I didn't live through Cholera or the Russian Flu, or Yellow Fever or "consumption" ;) but for the love I'm not even sure how many times Ben's been sick. He went from my little guy who I secretly and not so secretly boasted NEVER had gotten sick throughout his first 14 months of life to being constantly sick SINCE 14 months! Even Tom had NEVER been sick throughout all our dating and first couple years of marriage. He, himself has had 2 colds and one of them bad enough he was on some heavy antibiotics due to pneumonia which then Ben got too.

As of late lil Ben's got a virus with borderline bronchitis, throwing up 3+ a day since Sunday. Every time I think he's getting better and finally eating again the coughing starts up until it ends with a fountain of vomit. It's so sad, isn't it, when you're little one is sick but doesn't understand what's going on and they're so crabby and achey and irritable and then its not long before YOU are extra tired and crabby and achey and irritable.

Anyway, whatever the reason for the surge of extra bad cold/flu season I feel should be investigated- like its own 911 Commission report; which by the way my brother Rex is the only person I personally know who read every page of the report. Anyway, though I'm half joking I am also half just seems weird most of the country had at least 1 bad illness. Illegals bringing in a NEW breed of Russian flu? Alien invasion? (Stephanie Meyer was trying to worn us?!!!) Or our government trying to wipe out the weakest links? Lol

Saturday I gave Ben his first hair cut. It was so hard cutting his adorable curls!!! I had been asked just the day before how old "SHE is" and again a good month before that as well- though that was hardly the reason I performed the surgery. His hair, when wet it, reached down to his shoulder blades but dry was all in sweet curls cos he's got my hair type with Tom's coloring. Anyway, my plan was to cut while he was in his highchair watching something to distract him but I didn't I sat him on the bathroom counter and just starting cutting as best I could with the unpredictable moving child who at any moment could turn and get his ear snipped so the cut is not fancy nor good. In fact, I think I gave him a George Clooney circa '97 when he was on ER, you know when people were trying to bring back the Caesar look; i.e. I cut his bangs too short....

In other news: I got season one of Downton from the library and watched the whole thing in a day. I liked it. Thus far I've seen season 1 and 3 and can NOT find any redeeming qualities whats-so-ever in Thomas and O'Brien soooo I hope there are some in season 2. BUT "Call the Midwife" is back on! It's kinda frustrating its not being made a big deal like Downton is but I'm okay with that because #1. I happen to think its BRILLIANT and don't care if its popular or not! It's SO well done; the script, the character developments, its all so beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time etc etc. First time I turned it on I ended up not even getting to the couch because I didn't want to miss even a micro-second of it so I sat in front of the tv like an elementary kid for the entire hour shhhhhing Tom if he even sneezed too loud from the other room! I have yet to get through an episode without crying. Tom thinks I'm so funny for loving a show that makes me bawl! hehe

I'm enjoying my calling, well the Primary chorister one at least. There have been weeks I've put in at least 20 hours of work into it and funny enough its kinda like high school and college for me...the more I put in work the more I feel like it didn't go as smooth and the weeks I put in a few hours go much better. Why the crap is that? I would study hard and long and flunk tests right and left and when I barely studied I'd get B's....sooo there was no motivation to study. However, with music and kids I feel its very important I still prepare as much as I can relearning songs and making sure I have enough music to sing and changing things up often enough to keep their attention since I feel primary music is essential. I like what my mom also says about it- no one remembers the talks or sharing time activities, its the music and singing time kids remember! So true. We grew up also having music playing in the car in the house, wherever and a lot of that was primary songs- its a tradition I am DEFINITELY keeping. Speaking of music. I grew up listening to another tape that was from Discovery Toys with songs about manners, numbers, nursery rhymes, etc. and all sung by the same woman accompanied by a guitar and interestingly enough they are played to the rhythm of a sleeping heart. Anyway, I got the tape from my mom- it was super well loved and we tried to repair it but my tape player finished its time here on Earth and it passed on so I contacted Discovery Toys, emailing them if BY chance they still had that exact music available 25 years later?! Sure enough, they do! So I was happy to order it and its on its way SOOO I have to eat my words, SOME mlm's have quality product(s). I also ordered some developmental mosaic tiles that are fantastic for coordination which we had growing up too.

I think my Benny-boop is getting bigger, well duh, I mean his face is changing I see it happening more and more- he's morphing into Tom's looks =) He minds pretty freakin well for a 19 month old. I'll give him items like his bibs and tell him to go put it away and he takes it to the kitchen and puts it in the correct drawer making sure none of its hanging out and then shuts the drawer all the way. I'm still trying to get him to eat real food all the time but with him being sick I can barely get him to eat the junk foods. He loves the park. He runs everywhere and isn't scared to explore though I'm the one freaking out as I'm running all over getting a Jane Fonda work out- its really not fair I'm not 105lbs with the exercise that comes from chasing kidlets, okay me 105lbs would be gross I don't want to be anywhere near that number.

Tom: Tom's doing pretty good. Started spring term last week in Calculus IV....I had to spell-check "calculus". He's happy he's done with all his numerous Physic courses and SO AM I. We've reunited with a friend from our single ward days who is now married to a really awesome chickabee and we've been able to have a couple Sunday dinners together which Tom is especially happy with since he has zero time for any guy nights so being able to socialize every few weeks has been good.

I caught him hanging out in the back of his stroller =D

post hair cut tho this was right after a nap so its all disheveled 

Ben in mid-cough

Oh mom stop taking my picture