Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Few of my Favorite things

ahh I'm remembering Charlotte's wedding now. "Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes" =)

I thought I would write down a few highlights of Christmas for posterity and when Ben comes asking why he can't do long division... oh and excuse the fuzzy photos my camera is a half step above free-hand sketching.
This is Grandpa White letting Ben help put the puzzle together.

This is Baby Ben showing more interest in the tv.
This is Grandpa forgetting Ben is 3 1/2 months, got sucked into the tv, let go of Ben who was remarkably standing with little assistance- me not knowing Grandpa let go but trying to get an up-close shot and instead caught the moment of Ben TIM-BERRR-ing to the ground.....
This is the future President making those hard decisions! Not hard like the one's THIS administration feels are hard "This is one of the toughest decisions I've had to make while in office, should I leave early to join my family in Hawaii or stay until the tax resolution is resolved?" Seriously. I WISH I was mis-quoting!
No...Benjamin B. Clark dreams of an American flowing once more with MORE milk and honey!
So I came home from work one day and Tom had some of our first love letters and card to each other on our Christmas Tree- I LOVED IT! so every time we got a card we added it to our tree. Can everyone see theirs? Oh and Yesss..we really need to get an angel or star and retire our impromptu wedding bears! Though if you look close you can see there's a little ornament of "baby's first Christmas" hanging in-between us!
Tom's mom made each one of their stockings and growing up his was the Baby Jesus, as he was/is the only boy in his family. Well when we got married his mom made me one and I have Mary. Then when Ben was born we sent back Tom's and she took out Thomas and put on Benjamin and then made Tom into Joseph! So next baby (girl ;) will just have to an angel! And then we're done! hehe
And lastly this is Ben saying HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


This is TomTom’s and mine 3rd Christmas together, 2nd Christmas Married, and 1st Christmas as parents.

Tom and I have been going over 2011 a TON lately and we keep just shaking our heads in gratitude and thanksgiving.  2011 started out with the 3 whammies- my dad almost died, found out we were pregnant, and Tom lost his job (not including me blowing up Tom’s car engine and needing huge repairs). And through it all we were blessed and more blessed and spoiled! If there’s anything I can attest its: HEAVENLY FATHER IS ALWAYS AWARE AND READY TO BLESS US! PAY YOUR TITHING, DOUBLE YOUR FASTS, AND PRAY AS A COUPLE!

As we are closing 2011 I’m SOOOO thankful and overjoyed #1. My Dad is alive. 2.) Our Son is HEALTHY (and sooo flippin adorable). 3.) Tom has found great employments (and jobs he enjoys too!) Okay really, I am truly grateful for so many things!

During 2011 there were times I wasn’t sure how we were going to eat but we never went hungry. There were times I had no idea how all the bills were going to be met but we stuck to our premarital goal of NO DEBT and instead budgeting and every bill was paid. Neither of us had a clue as to how we were even going to buy diapers (or anything for that matter) for our unborn baby but again due to the out-pouring from family, friends, ward members, co-workers, etc. we have yet to spend a cent on diapers, was given a fantastic car seat, stroller, baby swing, tons of clothes, play pin, 2 cribs, toys, lots of baby books, maturity clothes, etc, etc, etc. I never want to forget every generosity given.

I spent the majority of the year taking meds to control outrageous nausea, stomach aches, constipation, etc but I KNOW I’d go through it all again to have my Ben (Tom spent the majority of the year patiently listening to my whining and/or running to the pharmacy to get my next refill).

A couple months ago while another miracle was happening I realized very clearly and humbly how “paying it forward” works. I have come to see that while I will STILL try my darn-est to pay back the kindness’ given- it might just be that by the time Tom and I are able to give generously it will mean giving to a younger generation as those who have given to us will be gone.

Baby Ben- he’s grown SO much. He has his next 4 month shots next week and will get weighed but I’m guessing he’s..ohhh….14 lbs?? I have no idea. Lol He’s not chubby though he has his mom’s double-chin.

His colic hasn’t gotten better in the least and has actually been extra irritable the last couple weeks as he’s beginning to teethe. Baby IB Profen helps a TON. In fact, he was sick today, slept almost all day, and again I am SO thankful for modern day medicine.

I keep seeing newborns wherever I go and I keep owwing and ahhhing and tugging on Tom’s arm (when he’s with me) and his response? “We already have one of those.” Lol I simply miss how little Ben was, Mr. 5lbs nothing when we brought him home and how he’d curl up into a grapefruit on my chest. Of course I see mom’s everywhere too with 6 month 9 month, etc and I see how little Ben is so I’m okay…for now ;) CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW FAR I’M COME IN A YEAR??? I can hardly believe it myself. Me, miss kicking and screaming NOOOO, I DON’T want kids and the responsibility and blab blab la.

Baby Ben will be starring as Baby Jesus in our families’ nativity with Madison as Mary and Seth as Joseph and the triplets as the Wise Men. I’m excited!

Thank you for all the Christmas cards! I LOVE THEM ALL!!! I so wanted/want to have a family photo done  (I guess I simply need to budget for one! ;)
I hope everyone has a sweet, heartfelt Christmas with your families. I really hope you all know that while we may a few miles apart of a a couple thousand I think about you all so much!