Sunday, January 18, 2015

2014: The Year of Firsts

End of 2012

End of 2013

End of 2014

Before I get to my 2014's this and that's I wanted to recap Birthday and Christmas. It was a sweet Christmas season and I enjoyed every song, every yummy smell, decorated house, and lots of Christmas lights (Texans represent) and I even enjoyed the crazy shoppers (it mad work extremely difficult but I still like it). It took the third try going to Macy's before I actual WENT into Macy's; each time before parking was so bad that after a few minutes I was like, "forget it!" And really, I was only going to look around during a little down time.

My birthday was very nice. Tom made me cheesy eggs (scrambled eggs with an obscene amount of cheddar, topped with salsa and a few tortilla chips) he, me and Benny went shopping! Yep, it's kinda what I do on my birthdays and I really love it. Most of the shopping is errands but I don't care, I'm with my TomTom and Benny-Boop and we're just talking and being together. I think we stopped at five places before 2pm. I got some much needed (wanted) boots from my parents, a beautiful framed sketching of Lana from Lacey, some awesome trillion-dollar earrings from Ashley (ahh I miss Ashley!) A GORGEOUS ring from Bek (Why are we not neighbors for life?!), clothes from Tom I had bought a good month before, lotions and smellys from Cassi, and then we four adults went to my favorite place- Cheesecake Factory; stopping into Macy's to douse myself in my new favorite perfume -Coco Chanel Noir (It smells horrible as is and fantastic on my skin)

Christmas was harder this year. I know Tom is very use to not being with his family, specifically parents for most holidays and such but not this girl. It felt like Christmas and totally not at the same time. Tom's parents come down most every Christmas to visit with Tom's dad's mom who lives close and I think I was more excited to see them than he was because it was super nice to have SOME parents around! =) Randy and Tamralynn even took me out the day after Christmas to an art museum per my request. We had a wonderful time just the three of us. Also, what made Christmas wonderful was Ben! Christmas really is so much better with kids! He's talking a ton and so smart and has the cutest interests (LOVES watching youtubes of other people playing with toys, unwrapping thousands of toy Easter eggs, people playing with play doh, etc. etc.)

Not Awesome Firsts during 2014:
First time Ben got a big ouchy (fell on hot stove)
First time I was ever pulled over by a cop (lame)
First time I have ever received a ticket from a cop (SUPER LAME)
First time I have ever heard my husband throw up (food poisoning)
First time seeing Medieval Times (cause of food poisoning)
First time seeing a trancula in the wild with no glass between it and me!!!
First time Tom and I have had a credit card in our marriage (grrrrr)
First time we took on more debt in our marriage (chiropractic procedure for me and cars for both)
First time being away from home for more than a couple months :(
First time missing every Holiday get-together with my side (hate it)
First time being a full time working mom (hate it more)

Awesome Firsts:
First year Ben played in snow (Pdx had a ton of snow for a week and he loved every minute)
First time riding on an air plane without screaming the whole time (YAY!!!)
First year Ben could sit in his car seat without screaming (DOUBLE YAY!!!)
First year Ben has lived in another state (I know he likes it)
First time Ben has had constant companions (I know he really likes it)
First time Ben watched a parade (he did a great job sitting, watching and cheering)
First year Ben rode a horse (he loved it)
First time Ben and I experienced standing/prancing in a WARM downpour (feels so good!)
First year Ben has become a big pumpkin fan (wants to touch them all)
First year Ben really understood Halloween (he still asks if he can go treat-or-treating)
First year Ben has really understood Santa Clause and watching his excitement (so cute!)
First year Ben has chosen a favorite Christmas song (Oh Christmas Tree)
First year Ben got his own bike (Thomas the Train tricycle)
First time not having to buy diapers for Benny-Boop (Such a big boy)
First time Ben has had a favorite restaurant (McDonald's...not sure this is a "good thing")

3 days after burn

6 days after burn

not sure what the monkey dance is about but he was so proud of his track-man