Thursday, April 19, 2012

April and Other weirdness

It seems to me that April 2012 has been a crappy month across the board for myself and most people I know. I'm not trying to be a downer just telling it how I hear/feel it.

BEN: Ben's sleep training got shot to heck when I got that second round of sick and was coughing all night long (not exaggerating) for 3 weeks and with Ben in the same room of COURSE I woke him up and thus all the work we did to get him to stay asleep from 8pm-3am was gone with the wind...that was contaminated with my cough virus. LUCKILY he never got- I think he has his dad's Super Man genes- that man never gets sick.

Anyway, Bek told me months ago "Just don't do what I did and wait till your kids are old enough to stand up in their cribs (during sleep training)" I certainly tried and did what I could not to let that happen. NOW Ben's been waking up and screaming at his mom and dad who are trying to "hide" and hold super still like he's a T-Rex and as long as we don't move he can't see's it working? It's not so much. I know I'm whining to the choir here- when they wake up and pulling themselves up they also fall down and hit their heads on their cribs and b/c we are right there we know how severe PLUS Tom is Mr. Jack on the Spot when Ben has a bunk so before I can say "hold on I think he's okay" Tom's got Ben in his arms giving comfort.

I've really been working extra hard to get him back to sleeping to 3am for the Texas trip next week though my gut says its gonna be a waste b/c Ben takes after me in the light-sleeper category and hears EVERYTHING.

The truth is I don't mind the crying, screaming, whatever; really, its annoying sure but I can handle it. However, its feeling the pressure/worry that neighbors can hear and/or knowing that Tom's gotta another 12hr day ahead of him and its 1:30am- Ben's crying for another 45 round- that's MORE tough. But the hardest is he's falling down and getting hurt THEN I have to get up and make sure he doesn't have a goose-eat, isn't bloody somewhere, etc. Oh and its important to note we never got a umm what's that called the padding thing that goes around the inside of the crib to help prevent EXACTLY what I'm talking about. I heard a rumor that they aren't recommended anymore b/c of SIDS- but I think the rate Ben's going he's not going to be able to READ if I don't get one! I'm just not sure what to do- sleep training wise with the bumping his head specifically, the rest: neighbors will live, Tom will live. SUGGESTIONS?

On a fun note. Ben's is a mover. Holy Fudge he's gone from rolling over to crawling backwards to walking himself around the ottoman by himself in a month. He's getting interested in food, mostly mine. THE BOY LOVES CHEESE and apricots.

GOOD NEWS: Rex and Aleece found out that baby #6 is a boy. Right before they found out Rex said "If haven't decided if we are gonna tell anyone or not" so there's a part of me that wonders if its really a girl (it would make the only other granddaughter on either side) I hope not cuz I think that would be super manipulative and plain insulting. I don't think so though, I think its a boy because they were really hoping for one and I think it would be totally a big deal. I, personally am happy for all these boys. It seems like everyone has been having boys, I honestly can't think of a single close friend or person in my ward who's had a girl lately......

Here are pictures of Easter. Easter was weird this year. It came fast, it didn't feel like Easter, which is really sad for lots of reasons. I'm not sure I've ever mentioned this but I LOVE Easter music so much so that I prefer it over Christmas music. Oh gosh, Mormon Tabernacle stuff that's solemn and extremely thought provoking- beautiful. 
Tom wasn't even at Easter dinner- home doing homework from after church till 9:30pm at which time I said "ok, pencils down, close books, its couple's time!"

I love how Ben looks like the "Big Foot" photo in the one where he's being handed off from Grandpa to Grandma