Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Stars at Night are Big and Bright...

It's official, we will be moving to Fort Worth, Texas!

It's crazy even typing it like what??? really??? I'm such a damp Oregonian and though my politics are way closer to Texans than this blue state I like being an out spoken Tea Party-er in a sea of bleeding hearts than preaching to the choir but it will be fine.

When we announced our plans to my family the first thing Lacey said was, "umm do you know Jessica can't handle heat? She gets diarrhea!" Which is very true. My temperature tolerance is weak at best but I'll be fine. I'm kinda hoping the heat will sweat out the toxins and clean my system- totally NOT logical at all but I can still hope heat and humidity has powers beyond unclogging pores and causing diarrhea! Plus, when we went to South Dakota last year I learned first hand how windy it is on the plains and Arlington area is apparently no different. It's encouraging. I'm not so afraid of heat and humidity when there is plenty of wind. When I was in Houston in July though it was outrageously humid and hot there was plenty of wind and I will admit it was pleasant. =)

I'm also excited to experience a "real rain storm" since I've been told I don't know what a "real down pour looks like"....please BUT I am still excited and yes I will have zero reservations with running out into the street like a mad woman to let it soak into my skin. Man just thinking about it sounds so good. I'm not so excited that Fort Worth is on the tail of Tornado alley, close to the gulf i.e. hurricane stuff but I'm not afraid.

MOSTLY, I'm thrilled for Tom to be in a program he REALLY wants -mechanical/aero-space dual bachelors degree! I'm excited to get him through school faster, how fast? That has yet to be determined as I still have student loans that I believe can not be deferred and we do NOT want to take out student loans for Tom to pay mine- that's just STUPID! I will be working at least part time somewhere doing something. I'll let my merchandising job know I am still available to cover any summer installs or even stores within the area if needs be too.

Tom got promoted to "expert" at Apple last week. Basically, it means they like his leadership and work ethic and the whole position is to help others to follow his example. It doesn't sound like a big deal but they interviewed several people and just like when he was first applying he went through FOUR interviews (pretty excessive). He will be quitting his full time job in the middle of December and will be full time at Apple. It will be the first time in our entire marriage he'll only be working one job and fingers crossed he'll be home more often! It if its only for a few months until he starts school in Texas and it goes back he him gone 15+ hours a day and only having Sundays off.

In other news we are super excited to be paying off department of education by the end of the year! It's been a year long goal to do it and not without a lot of Heavenly Father's help and us sacrificing a ton!!! We are very happy. Believe me I want to get snooty every time I see photos of peoples' fun trips all over the world while we haven't had a real date out since well last November actually but its okay, really. I know there will be a day we will get to do the same and without getting into debt to do so and coming home without debt waiting for us either. Oh what a happy day it will be. But I have to say its a happy day now. I mean it. I know I've said this before, debt sucks BIG TIME but I'm thankful that we have had this time to rely on each other more than ever but mostly rely on the Lord and see first hand the out pouring in blessings that come from working towards being self sufficient and working as a team AND being grateful for what we have now!