Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"We Got a Gopher"

Well actually a climber. This isn't the first escape either. The first was back in January. I heard a thud from his room and then silence and then all of a sudden he was walking out from his room. I know it sounds funny but I was actually freaked out like I was seeing a ghost! Like WHATTT??? You are suppose to be in your crib NOT climbing out AND figuring how to open your door ALL in the same moment. I don't think I blinked for a few minutes. At the time he got a talking to and we went over how climbing out was a "no-no ouchy" and he got it. But now, he's figured out how to not make it such an ouchy though putting him is his crib as his time-out place might not work anymore!

I was just thinking, hmm its been a month since I what's happened in the last month? Short answer, a ton of little things oh and some big things too. Details to come.

First, I feel like a jerk for not mentioning Lacey getting married before now. Honestly, I think its because I'm finally coming to terms. It has nothing to do with the groom and everything to do with how I see Lacey. Lacey is 9 yrs younger than me and thus I will always see her as a 4-7 year old. So as far as I'm concerned she's NOT allowed to have her period let alone get married and do...stuff. I'm ridiculous, I know.

Second, I've been trying to eat better lately. No that doesn't mean how most people mean "eating better." Like eating more vegetables and less donuts...(rolling my eyes to myself) It means being better at eating. Period. No I am not a closet anorexic. Mostly, I just don't make meals. Tom's only home for dinner once a week, TWICE maybbbeee once a month. Anyway, I've been terrible about BUYING food for me. It's just freakin expensive to buy for two ppl with 2 different diets. -Not that Tom is opposed to eating like me, its simply way cheaper to cook for ppl like him. Anyway- I haven't been starving myself out of martyrdom (some times sure) most of the time nothing sounds good and even sounds gross so I don't eat. I don't eat until I'm literally having a diabetic freak-out and Tom uses his "I'm taking charge" voice and brings me home a hamburger without buns whether or not I want to eat it. I feel like a have a few issues I need to figure out.

#1. Learn new recipes! Tom's urged me to sign up for a daily meal plan/grocery list thing that caters to any diet but when I've looked at examples I get turned off. Ginger....Cumin...Peanut sauce...NOT IN THIS MOUTH, Thank you very much! lol Really, I think I could still find some great recipes despite.

#2. I don't like eating my own food. Anyone else have this weird issue? Pretty sure this is all in my head! Once, years ago at Bek's I was visiting and we were talking about just that and we decided to make each other's sandwiches because we didn't like how ours normally tasted and sure enough- the same ingredients but different hands produced sandwiches we thought were the best ever! I still remember that turkey sandwich..."mmhmmm turkey sandwich aaarruuuggg" -Homer Simpson At the same time I was over at a friends house for dinner and I couldn't eat enough sugar-free jello! (Thank you Kristen =) I mean it was jello and I thought it was the best thing in the world. I've told Tom that when we are "rich" i.e., able to blow money like no like when we're 115, I  REALLY want to eat out all the time! I KNOW I'd be getting awesome nutrition. Gosh just thinking about salad and soups and steak and more meat and more salad and YES I want extra Bleu Cheese dressing, thank you very much, please leave the bucket oh and I need a refill! (By then it will only be water, I'll have kicked my diet dp addiction....fine I won't lie no I wouldn't have).

#3. Drinking water- still working on it- stop pushing me people! lol It's annoying but I'm pushing myself. I've had 2 glasses today, that's 1 more than I usually drink in 2 days!

Benny-Booper: He's awesome and better than ever. He has these surges of testosterone throughout the day, right after his nap and again from 4-bedtime where he is in destruction mode, ramming his toys into the walls into each other. I'm actually afraid he's going to break the sliding glass door b/c he gets so rough. I don't mind his moments of male-ness I just worry about him going thru GLASS! Little Super Man.
It's fun to go into nursery after I finish singing time in primary to do singing time in nursery. Ben loves the songs. There's one that makes him laugh and laugh but I can't sing it anymore because it makes another little boy cry- its a silly alligator song where the alligator eats monkeys who are teasing him. hmm maybe it is disturbing. haha it's not meant to be scary and I think I extra like it because monkeys die- I don't like monkeys.

Tom: Tom is Tom! I was talking to someone the other day and they said oh did you get to go on a date then? And I was like ah no? The last time we went on a date was dinner for my birthday- if Ben was with us does that count as a date? Otherwise our last date was in November. Our anniversary is coming up so we'll do something just us. At the moment I feel okay about the loneliness but for now I'm letting my meds do there purpose! Anyway- he's enjoying a much easier semester and doing fantastically. He's perfect. I'm sorry to be gushy-annoying, he's not only perfect for me but I really hope I don't die young (for many reasons) but mostly he'd be snatched up so fast. He's the whole package. Biggest Attribute HAS the Patience of a SAINT ESPECIALLY during the wrath of a pms-ing woman. Biggest Fault -loves watching James Bond (once a semester).

This was my Mother's Day gift! We got home from church at normal time 2:45pm and Ben would not go down he was overly tired and throwing a massive fit so I put him on my lap and turned on my other M. Day gift (season 1 of Call the Midwife) Ben calmed down immediately and fall asleep. That was the first time he fell asleep in my arms since he was a newborn =)

Okay laugh all you want. Ben LOVES Call the Midwife. I'm pretty sure its because he likes the accents and I wonder if he thinks Thomas the Train is going to come on because there are english accents on that show? Whatever the reason he'll sit and watch it for 5 minutes solid.

Benny-Boo with dad. Ben had woken up so I kept him up until Tom got home so they could see each other twice that day.

Okay I look terrible in this photo- I'd just finished an episode of Call the Midwife so naturally I cried and was gross but come on look at that chunky smile of Ben's! AHHH DORABLE!

Family time at 10pm